Pallet Dawg: Common-sense pallet defense

When pallets are damaged, the product they carry is likely to be damaged as well. The Pallet Dawg is engineered to take the hit, helping to prevent expensive pallet damage and repair, and guard against product loss-all to protect your bottom line. And that translates into a safer, greener, more efficient and profitable operation.

This happens every day

Pallets become damaged by the impact of the forklift, Products become damaged, because of a damaged Pallet. Pallet Damage causes Wood Debris in the warehouse, a risk for accidents and damage to the wheels of a forklift truck. A damaged Pallet needs Repair, or end up in the Landfill or Waste Burner having an impact on the Environment.


What does Pallet Dawg do?

Saves you money

Less pallet repair costs, less repacking of products from a defective pallet to a good pallet, less product damage.


By that the side boards of the pallet are not damaged, and the forks are kept free of the side boards, the forks do not press against the product on the pallet.

Reduces waste

The Pallet Dawg keeps the forks free from contact with the side boards. This prevents the breakdown of wood splinters and damage to the pallet. Less waste on the floor and less defective pallets.

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CE mark is a mark that will ensure that a product is safe and does not harm health and the environment.

CE Marking indicates that a product complies with European legislation and may be freely traded on the European market. A manufacturer that adds a CE mark on a product, declares that his product meets all European requirements for that product (guidelines on safety, health and environment). Sometimes on one product several directives apply.


A notified body has granted CE mark for the Pallet Dawg, see CE statement.



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